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audio visual equipment selection and set up

As a party planner, I have spent many hours trying to find the right audio visual components for the different occasions that I have to plan for. Teenagers love to have movies played in the backgrounds of their parties. Brides love to have pictures of their courting days with their new grooms. Families enjoy watching videos and picture slides of the years that have gone by at reunions. All of the time that I have spent searching and setting up the equipment has given me a lot of knowledge to share. My site will help you learn the basics of buying or renting equipment and setting it up for the perfect resolution.


audio visual equipment selection and set up

Sound Advice For Auditory Learners Who Are Experiencing Hearing Loss

Jill Garcia

Hearing loss is no fun for anyone, but if you are an auditory learner, the impact of losing your hearing can be profound. Don't know your learning style? Here is a look into learning preferences, and what to do if you are an auditory learning simultaneously suffering from hearing loss:

What are Learning Styles?

In the 1970s, American writers Richard Bandler and John Grinder developed a psychological assessment intended to help people determine their learning preferences. New Zealand educational theorist Neil Fleming expanded on these principles and introduced the concept of "learning styles."

A "learning style" is a person's preferred method of receiving and processing information. Fleming introduced four primary learning styles: visual, auditory, reading-writing, and kinetic.

  • Visual: If you prefer learning with visual tools, like graphics, charts, and videos, you might be a visual learner.
  • Auditory: If you learn best through lectures, conversations, and dialogues, you are probably an auditory learner.
  • Reading-Writing: If taking notes, making lists, and reading texts improves your comprehension, your learning style might be reading-writing.
  • Kinetic: When you learn best by doing, participating in hands-on activities, or simply moving, you could be a kinetic learner.

Learning styles are not the "be all, end all" golden nugget that can un-tap a person's potential, but knowing your preferred method of ingesting information is valuable. Most people do not have one primary learning style preference, so relying on this method alone for learning purposes can be challenging.

Yet, if you ever tried to put a piece of furniture together or conquer a complicated recipe, you know that you can process instructions better using one method over the others. For example, you would do well putting together an entertainment center by reading the included instructions out loud to your pet cat as a auditory learner. Trying to accomplish the same task by viewing graphical instructions alone could lead to a fist hole in your drywall.

Exploring Hearing Loss in an Auditory Learner

One in four Canadians suffer from some degree of hearing loss, and even more people report hearing loss that is significant enough to qualify as clinically deaf. Most people become deaf as a result of old age, but other conditions, like trauma, infection, tumors, and disease, can also result in hearing loss.

In contrast, approximately 30% of adults have an auditory learning preference. Thus, it is reasonable to believe that hearing loss affects a large number of people who have an affinity for auditory learning. If you have an auditory learning preference, hearing loss will likely have a greater impact on your lifestyle and your ability to process and retain information than it will on those who process the world through other methods.

If you learn best through auditory methods, take note of the first signs of hearing loss. Even though the underlying cause of your hearing loss will dictate your chances of recovering your hearing abilities, early detection can prevent further damage. If your doctor determines that your hearing loss is irreversible or even worsening, you can focus on your second-best learning preference and strengthen this perspective.

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